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Genuine USCamera Light Seal Kits
February tune-up specials....all kits on sale up to 40% off


What makes a premium USCamera light seal kit?

USCamera light seal kits were designed and used by technicians years before the internet. The same quality kits we sell today.

Our kits start with imported premium quality open cell foam from Japan. The same type of foam camera engineers designed cameras to use. For every kit we make, we have samples of that equipment ... cameras, film backs and more. Our kits start with accurate measurements taken directly from the sample. Many times we can compare those measurements to brand new original factory seals. Then we use various widths of material to find the perfect fit for the door channels and where additional seals are required. We guarantee them to fit the equipment listed. All seal kits are randomly checked for the correct number of seals and proper fit by actually installing the sample kit.

Why buy a kit? You can save time and be confident knowing you are installing a proven product. Sure, you can save money by purchasing bulk foam material and cutting your own kits. We found it takes 1 - 2 hours to measure, cut and fit a custom cut kit. The more kits you make the better you get. Cutting open cell foam takes practice. However, even technicians who have cut foam for years have problems cutting thin strips accurately and consistently.

You can save money and use yarn. Some people suggest that on the internet. Yarn had a lot of "fuzzies" exposed in the door channel. In the past, we tried yarn to preserve some collectable cameras perceived value. We found it time consuming to work with. I am sure you would get better with experience however it is very difficult to produce a clean install. Small pieces of yarn debris, furry looking particles, dirt or ? on the negatives......get the picture.

You can bow a cameras back cover and make it hard to close, if too thick of any material is used in the camera body door channels or back cover. You do not have to worry about that with a USCamera light seal kit.

Camera design engineers had various materials available to them as camera designs improved over the years. They used and still use premium grade open cell foam in imaging equipment.

If you do not see the seal kit you require listed, email us, we can make one in most cases.




Canonet QL 17 GIII / QL 19 GIII / QL 28
Canonet 17, 19, 25, QL17 / QL19 / QL25
Canon Datematic
EX Auto
F1 / F1n  (Old)
F1n (New)
FT / FTb Series
AE1 / AE1P / AT1 / A1

AE1 / AE1P / AT1 / A1 Mirror Cushion




CT1 Super


139 Quartz


690 Series
ST 701




Auto S3
C35 Automatic



Canon Canonet QL 17 GIII / Canonet 28
Light Seal Kit.



500 / 1000 TL DTL Series
C Series TLR Bodies - ALL

M645 / 1000 / 1000s J Body
M645 Mirror Cushion Kit

Mamiya Press Film Backs
RB / RB Pro S Film Back Shell
RB / RB Pro S Film Back Insert

RB 67 / 67 Pro S Polaroid Adapter Plate
RB 67 / 67 Pro S Revolving Adapter
RB 67 / 67 Pro S Mirror Cushion Set

RZ Film Back
Super 23 / Mamiya Press Film Backs


Hi-Matic E
Hi-Matic F
Hi-Matic GII
Hi-Matic 7 SII

Hi-Matic 7 / 7S / Hi-matic 9
Maxxum 9000
SRT  Series Light Seal Kit
X370, X570, X 700 Light Seal Kit
XE Series Light Seal Kit

XE Series Mirror Cushion
XD Series Light Seal Kit
XD Series Mirror Cushion
XG Series Light Seal Kit




EM / FG /  FG-20
FE / FE2 / FM / FM2 / FM2n
FE / FE2 / FM / FM2 / FM2n Mirror Cushion
F3 / F3HP
F3 / F3HP Mirror Cushion
Nikkormat / Nikomat

Nikkormat EL / EL2

uscamera custom light seal kit mamiya super 23 mamiya press roll film backs

Custom light seal kit for Mamiya Super 23 6x9,
 6x7 and 645 film backs.



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